Saturday, October 3, 2009

Malaysian Born Terrorist Buried In His Hometown in Full Muslim Rites!

Villagers and relatives offer funeral prayers in front of the casket of slain Islamist militant leader Noordin Mohammed Top, at a mosque in Pontian district of southern Johor state of Malaysia

This is the guy that has been wanted for his sin against the human being but when he was killed for the sin that he committed, was buried in a full muslim rites in his hometown. His body was flown-off from Indonesia fully paid by the government. Is he entitled for such special treatments from the government and on taxpayer monies....Did the government employ him as a terorrist in Indonesia. Many Malaysians (especially Ibans) that work abroad died in the line of their bodies but did not recieve the same treatment as Nordin Mat Top.

For me he was not better than Chin Peng. Atleast we knew that Chin Peng targeted the security forces mainly, but due to political reason, the government did not allow him to return. But this terrorist or Islamist militant who had been targeting the innocent civilians  during his struggle, our government helped to arrange and pay for the return of his slain body......And the most saddest thing, when his body was burried that 2000 relatives that attended the burial ceremony, chanting 'Allahuakbar' or 'God is Great' meant they endorsed his struggle..killing another innocent human beings.

Please readmore the article from AFP below :

Mourners carry the coffin of slain Islamist militant leader Noordin Mohammed Top after the funeral for burial in the Pontian district of southern Johor state of Malaysia on October 2, 2009.

Family members of Noordin Mohammad Top, one of Asia's most wanted militants, offer prayers ahead of his burial at his childhood village, outside the Malaysian town of Pontian, 300 km (186 miles) south of Kuala Lumpur

Siti Rahma, first wife of slain regional al-Qaida commander Noordin Top, in a black veil, is seen in Pontian, southern Malaysia, Friday, Oct. 2, 2009

Villagers dig a grave for a slain Islamist militant leader Noordin Mohammed Top in his native village in the Pontian district of the southern Johor state of Malaysia on October 2, 2009.

KAMPUNG MELAYU (Malaysia) - SLAIN Islamist militant leader Noordin Mohammed Top was laid to rest in his childhood village Friday, three weeks after he was killed in a raid on his Indonesian hideout.

Noordin's body was received in full Muslim tradition and following customary last rites he was buried here,' family representative Badarudin Ismail told AFP.
The leader of a violent splinter faction of the radical Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) network, the 41-year-old Malaysian was killed along with several other militants in Central Java in Indonesia three weeks ago.
Mr Badarudin said Noordin's wife, Ms Rahmah Rusdi, and his brother, Mr Yahya Mohammed Top, had travelled to Indonesia to claim the body and accompany the remains to Noordin's home village in southern Johor state.
'The body arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport earlier this afternoon and it was then brought straight here for religious rites at the Jamek Nurul Iman mosque in the village,' he said.
The body of the terrorist mastermind arrived at the small village in an ambulance, escorted by police outriders who were part of a heavy security presence.
The atmosphere was tense as they escorted the brown coffin all the way into the mosque, where it was briefly opened for family members.
Over 2,000 relatives, friends and local residents attended the funeral, with emotional scenes as two grief-stricken women fainted.
Police then escorted the coffin to the cemetery as chants of 'Allahuakbar' or 'God is Great' filled the air. After it was interred, Noordin's wife and relatives sprinkled perfumed water on the grave.
Noordin was buried next to his elder brother Arif Mohammed Top, who died of liver cancer less than two weeks ago. -- AFP


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