Monday, October 26, 2009

In Singapore Taxi driver punched in the face for asking guy to stop dangerous behaviour

This taxi driver sustained a deep cut on the mouth after being punched in the face for telling a man to stop shaking a lamp post.

Does it pay to be a civic-minded citizen, asks Shirley.In an email to STOMP yesterday (Oct 25), the STOMPer said:“A driver in his late 50s and his son were walking to the open air carpark at Changi Village to collect his car.“It was around 11 plus pm when he saw a guy in his late 20s shaking the lamp post violently. Afraid that the lamp post might collapse, the taxi driver advised the guy to stop as it was dangerous.“The guy agreed, but his friend beside him was not happy about it so he pointed his middle finger at the taxi driver.“Subsequently, the taxi driver got punched in the face and collapsed onto the floor. The taxi driver sustained a deep cut on the mouth and had to be sent to the hospital immediately. Apparently, the guys seemed to have consumed alcohol earlier on.“So should the friend be punished? Fancy hitting an elderly! From what I see, it does not pay to be a good civic-minded citizen.“So do we just pretend nothing has happened and walk away if we see something bad/dangerous happening?”

I believe this type of behaviour not only happen in Singapore but also in Kuala Lumpur particularly to the African passenger. Just ask any taxi driver in KL about the behaviour of the Africans.


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