Saturday, July 31, 2010

Buster On Beggars

Saturday, 31st July 2010

To investigate myself on the rampant of the "Beggar Syndicate" in Sarawak as reported by one of the English newspaper yesterday, I went to one of the popular spot in Mile 10th town that is its Weekend market or "Pasar Tamu".
As I was looking at the "Upa Lalih",  I could hear the sound of muscic coming from the vacinity   not far from the "upa lalih" stall. After paying for my upa lalih, I went to look for the place where the music came from. There I saw a man at about the age of 55, sang a Chinese songs. 
I was looking at his behaviour there for about 5 minutes, and during those period I could see not less than 10 people "donated' to him. Peeping into his basket, I could see plenty of RM 1 notes inside. And according to one of the stall operator that I managed to talk to at the market, I was informed that the man was sent by a towkay to the market very early in the morning.
Feeling dismayed, I call the police Mobile Patrol Vehicle (MPV) at 082-244444, and reported the matter to the duty operator. Without waiting for the police to come, I left the market at about 0845hrs.
I took the pictures of the man here. If you encounter  the same man soliciting for donation, please leave your comment here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Irresponsible Acts By Public at M10 Kuching

Tuesday, 27th July 2010

Anyone ever been to M10? M10 is a new township under the Jurisdiction of the Padawan Municipal Council. Today I am going to share the irresponsible public acts for littering at the only recreation place at M10.
Today on my way back from UNACO to my car parked not far from Super Save shop, I notice the irresponsible acts by the publics towards M10 only recreation place, its mini fountain.
Please see the photos below and hope that MPP will take immediate action by clearing all the rubbish thrown into the  fountain.

The mini fountain infront of UNACO hypermarket is supposed to be a public place. But see what had the hypermarket done? Yes the supermarket used the public place to dry their shopping baskets!

Such a wondeful mini-fountain!

Oh No...What have the public done? Yes they threw the rubbish into this wonderful mini-fountain

Hi UNACO..this is public place. Please clear it from your belonging.

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