Friday, July 10, 2009

Khir Toyo Among The Most Corrupted Barisan Nasional Politician

Before I saw these photos, I was thinking that Taib Mahmud was the most corrupted BN Politicians. Taib Mahmud only managed to swindle billions of Sarawakian monies after of more than 20 years in power. But Khir Toyo ONLY less than 5 years in power managed to create wealth such as this balinese style mansion which cost RM 24 million.
Can a Chief Minister allowance which is less than RM20K/moth afford this banglo. Khir Toyo may gives 100 to 1000 excuses  but peole knew only through corruption and abuse of power  that made him afford to buy the house.
NOW, only MCC can help him from being prosecuted. MCC it all depending on your integrity now.......


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