Monday, June 29, 2009

Has The Owner of the Old Tyres Dumpsite Along Jalan Muara Tuang Been Charged?

Why is it so difficult to locate the owner of the Old Tyre Dumpsite located along Jalan Muara Tuang-Kota Sentosa ?
The site is situated just by the roadside, and has been operated for more than 3 years if I am not mistaken. Until now the local authority still could not locate the owner. Could it because the case involving someone inside Majlis Kota Samarahan or the Politician ?

The tyres caught fire at 3.30pm on 31st May 2009.
The state Fire and Rescue Department received a call from the public at 3.44pm and a fire engine from the Kota Samarahan Fire and Rescue Department with eight firemen was dispatched to the scene to put out the fire. At 5pm, another fire engine from the Siburan Fire and Rescue Department was sent to the scene as backup.
At 5.30pm, the fire was still burning and billowing black smoke could be seen from miles away.
Motorists passing by the fire scene stopped to watch the fire, causing a traffic jam.
Police were called to regulate traffic flow.


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